Lady Fortune

Lady Fortune

Lady FortuneAnne Stuart | Zebra | 3133-13-16 | 339 pages | English | PDFKing Henry sends his court jester, Nicholas to the home of Hugh, the Earl of Fordham. Nicholas is to be a wedding present for the earl, and his bride, Isabeau. At the same time, Julianna, Isabeau’s widowed daughter, is summoned to the home also. Nicholas and Julianna share a litter on their ride to the earl’s home. We, as readers, get to eavesdrop on their wickedly funny conversation. And of course, we share in their romance, as well. Nicholas has a hidden agenda. At King Henry’s behest, he’s to find the chalice of Saint Hugelina, the Dragon, and bring it to him. Julianna, and others, stand in his way. Julianna, has suffered a miserable marriage and wishes to join a convent. She has no wish to join with a “fool”, a court jester. Nicholas, however, has different ideas. How Nicholas brings his two goals together, is what makes this book so very good. This story is peopled with many interesting supporting characters. Hugh and Isabeau provide an unusual secondary romance. There’s a priest who is truly evil, and a Brother Abbot who has his own agenda. Gilbert, a fosterling of Hugh’s has a sweet face and a “killer” disposition. All, and others, play major rolls in the finding of the chalice, and in Julianna’s and Nicholas’ romance. This is not a “dark” romance. There is humor, sly and clever innuendoes, Nicholas’ rhymes, bawdy songs. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud. And yet none of the humor hurts the romance, at all. The sensuality is sweet, but also erotic. And, Nicholas and Julianna felt very “real” to me. I read, and enjoyed this book in one sitting; and, I will read it again soon. This was a “keeper” for me!Download**** No Mirrors below, please! Follow Rules! ****

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